Friday, July 20, 2012

Eye Opening Experience

About a week ago, my best friend lost her very dear mother in law.  Marie was an avid crafter and quilter.  She left behind so many wonderful things.  I went with my friend Lois to help her go through Marie's things.  You will have to understand that Marie was a collector of many things crafty/quilty.  She was very frugal in what she kept.  She was from the old school where you saved everything.  You just might need it later on!  Lace from a pillow that wore out.  Frilly collar from a baby's batiste dress, embroidery from a pillow case.   I am sure she saved these precious things to give just that right touch on something new.  Some of these things were small in size, length. 

In a way, I do the same.  My husband is always doing that eye roll, shake the head thing when I save the small stuff and bring in new stuff.  "You have so much already, and now you are bringing more in?  Maybe you need to use some of what you already have." He is trying to be kind about it. But, he is right. 

After watching Lois yesterday, I realized I do have so much.  What am I going to do with that 3" piece of lace I took off of something that tore and was unfixable?  Put it in a drawer and maybe, just maybe, someday work on a project and say to myself, "I know I have just the right 3" piece of lace somewhere in this drawer that would work just great right here.  But where is it?"

I know that when I am gone, all my "stuff" will be here.  I now see what my family, (who are not quilters or crafters) will have to go through when they open up that drawer and find that perfect 3" piece of lace that was perfect for that project I was going to make.  I can hear them now..."What on earth was mama going to use this for?"

So this being said, from this day forward, I am going to shop my stash to make my projects.   I am sure I will still go buy a couple of yards of lace when I need that 3" piece I didn't keep! 

When I got home, I did go through my Consumer Reports magazines from 10 years ago. Shredded my address on them and donated the magazines to the local elementary school for kids to work on their projects!  They are full of great pictures!  It is amazing how much space they take up on the book shelf!  Now I have room for more quilt magazines!

Happy Quilting!


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